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Marble Tec Ordering Process

Kitchen Drawing

The process begins by contacting Marble Tec Fabrication and discussing your project.

It helps us to know if your project is a new home construction, a kitchen or bath remodel in which you are installing new cabinets or simply requiring granite counter tops over existing cabinets.

The next step is to provide us with a drawing of the kitchen or other area requiring granite. This can be your cabinet drawing from your contractor or kitchen designer, or a hand drawing from you providing the correct dimensions and wall and cabinet locations.

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Specifications for your project should be provided with your drawing.
They include:

  • Material name and thickness 2cm or 3cm
  • Sink Type – under mount or self rimming (top mount)
  • Edge Detail – see Edge Profiles for examples
  • Back splash – 4", Full height (counter to cabinets) or none (tile, Copper or other material provided by others)
  • Project location and contact info

This can be faxed, emailed or delivered to Marble Tec Fabrication. In some cases we also travel to your home to take measurements used for bidding purposes only.

Phone: 303-431-4860
Fax: 303-431-6856

Slab Selection

Choosing natural stone for your counter tops is simple if done properly. You will choose the slabs that will be fabricated into your granite countertops. Granite should not be selected from small samples. Slabs need to be viewed fully because of the natural variations of shade and color from block to block. We will provide you with the number of slabs your project will require with directions and warehouse hours to the suppliers in Colorado. You can go to the supplier and "tag"(reserve) your slabs and the supplier will provide you with a hold ticket containing the name of the material, it’s dimensions and thickness.  We have a remnant yard with 100 or more remnant pieces that facilitate selection of smaller rooms or pieces with a different look than your larger Kitchen, Master, etc.

Supplier Links

Arizona Tile
Granite Imports


Once we have all of the above mentioned information we will provide you with a proposal to template fabricate and install your natural stone counter tops.

Production Process


Upon acceptance of our proposal Marble Tec Fabrication will schedule a date to make a template of your cabinet tops to be used to cut out your granite counter tops. This process takes up to several hours depending on the size.  In most cases we will make a laser / digital template which will speed the process and improve the accuracy of the final design.

We require the homeowner, the designer or the builder to be present at the time of template to answer any questions we may have. This insures that our customers get the exact product that they expect down to the last detail. We also request that the sink (if under mount) be at the job site for us to pickup and take to our shop to be used during the fabrication process.


The next step involves the cutting of the granite slabs using the template from the previous step. The slabs are placed on the table of a bridge saw and cut to size using a 14" diameter diamond blade.

The cut to size pieces are removed from the saw and the edges are profiled to your selected shape using an computerized profiling machine. This machine ensures all cutouts and corners are shaped perfectly to an accuracy of .01 millimeter.  The pieces are all dry-fit in our shop to insure that they will match where seams are involved.  (It is entirely possible that your kitchen may not have seams in the counter top. This depends on the size of the slabs and the layout of your kitchen)


The Final step in this process.  Our installation team will make every effort to expedite the installation of your counter.  A typical kitchen will take one day or less.  After installation, we clean and seal the stone and it is ready for your immediate use.

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