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Marble Tec Edge Profiles
Edge Detail Reference - 2cm and 3 cm Profiles

A2/A3 Eased 1/8"

A2b/A3b Demibull 5/8"

B2d/B3d Demibull 1-1/4"

E2/E3 Bevel

V2/V3 Fingernail

FZ-2/FZ-3 Ogee

H2/H3 Dupont

SM-2/SM-3 Fingernail

FV-2/FV-3 Ogee Bump

GV-2/GV-3 Ogee Bullnose

L2/L3 5/8" Cove

C2/C3 Chiseled Edge

RDB3 Rope Demibull Edge

R3 Rope Edge

Edge Detail Reference 4cm and 6cm Profiles
4cm and 6 cm stacked and staggered combinations by request.

A4/A6 Eased 1/8"

A4b/A6b Demibull 5/8"

B4d/B6d Demibull 1-1/4"

E4/E6 Bevel

E4d/E6d Deep Bevel

V4/V6 Bullnose

E4a/E6a Double Bevel

GV-4/GV-6 Ogee Bullnose

H/L Dupont Over Cove

H4o/H6o Dupont Offset

H4/H6 Dupont

FZ-4/FZ-6 Ogee

FZ/V Ogee Over Bullnose

FZ/FZ Ogee Over Ogee

B4/B6 Demibullnose Offset

C4/C6 Chiseled Edge

R4/R6 Rope Edge

B4a/B6a Demibull w/Apron

A2a/A3a Eased 1/8" w/Apron

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