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Marble Tec recognizes that during the past 10 years many residential properties have increased the use of marble and other natural stone to achieve an appearance of natural elegant beauty in their homes. Marble, if unprotected, can be a high maintenance surface.  Marble is highly vulnerable to the deteriorating effects of tap water, alcohol, citrus juices, cosmetics and other corrosive elements. Etching from common sources cannot be removed by normal cleaning procedures. Scrubbing and wiping will not resolve the problem and in most cases, cleaners will make the problem worse.

Marble Tec provides solutions to residential property's stone care needs.  These solutions will thoroughly restore marble vanities, bar tops, desktops, shower walls and floors. Upon analyzing your specific needs and implementing our resurfacing/polishing service, Marble Tec is able to address your stone care problems.

Marble Tec understands that safety, courtesy, cleanliness and noise control are as important to you and your household as quality workmanship. We are able to provide or services with limited noise and absolutely no dust or mess to any surrounding areas. We offer experience upon which you can depend and we guarantee your satisfaction.

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